▼Why Choose Us to do OEM/ODM: 

Five advantages of our new design OEM&ODM custom LED car light mould
1. Cost Advantage:
-Factory direct price.
- Factory area: with 50, 000sqm located Foshan City, China.
- 9 workshops and 2 laboratories

2. Techinical Advantage: 
Tuff Plus is specialized in manufacturer of led high/low headlight, led driving lights, led work lights 
led headlight kits, led high brake lights, led rear lights. OEM/ODM items for markets from Israel, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland and so on.
Which rich experience in projects of European marekt. in the conditon of reach Emark standards. That due to we have a strong R&D team for them. 
At the moment, we have more than 20 engineers and 400workers for various kinds of projects. we are confident and very interesting in OEM 
led auto lighting projects for customers.

 3. Quality Advantage: 
-All  producing process are strictly controlled under TS16949 system.
-Some of these products have gained EMARK and DOT Certification.
-DOT Certificated include 3 models of LED headlights
-EMARK (E13, E9, E4 ) Certificated include 29 models of LED headlights , driving lights , work light and light bars.
-All products have CE, ROHS, ISO90001, IP67 or IP68.
That prove that we produce safety and high quality products conform to US or EU regulations.

4. Product Market Share:
In last year 2016, our product were be exported to North America 41.2% , Europe at 48.5%, Oceania 5.5%, other countries 4.8%.
Totally amount of sales are more than USD15,000,000.

5. Brand Stratege:

Since 2015 year, we registered one Chinese Trademark  in China, two English Trademarks: TUFFPLUS, SLDX in U. S. and promote our brands.
For example, we took turns to show our brand TUFFPLUS in four TV channels: CCTV-1, CCTV-4, CCTV-7, CCTV-10. in order to increase the publicity of our brand.
We are always committed to build the global well -known LED Auto Lighting brand.

                                                                                                                                                   ▼Pre-production testing and evaluation

Providing detailed engineered solutions ready for manufacturing.Attention to detail is key in the development of any product and we will consider the whole spectrum of tasks to ensure our clients receive a robust engineered solution. When developing any components DFM (Design for Manufacturing) is always a priority.Optical and Mechanical development work closely together to attain a feasible lighting solution that is ready for manufacturing, all tool features will be agreed with the manufacturer and released under our tool release gateway. A functional prototype is made to ensure the results prior to commencing with manufacturing.Tuffplus OEM&ODM Process.jpgTuffplus OEM&ODM Process.jpg                                                                                                               Contact Us

▼Instructions for LED module: 

1.It is necessary to choose a single lens or double lens for near-light according to the appearance of the headlamp.
2. The single-lens light source is a single osram LUW U1A4, and the two-lens light source is two osram LUW U1A2.
3.When this near-light lens group is used at 13.5V, and the power is about 12W. 

Tuffplus auto lighting.jpg

▼Optical performance

Performing detailed lighting simulations, Ergonomic analysis and Lighting measurements.Working in the LucidShape environment our software is the top lighting software in the industry and the results are incredibly accurate. We simulate all our design solutions in the assembled location and always consider the ergonomic factor, the material types and of course the light source.Light is design and we always consider what is visible when approaching or leaving the vehicle,most of all, how is it observed in the peripheral vision. If there are other light sources on the same system, we will ensure you attain a lighting harmony by calculating the specific resistor values for each lighting module.When our designs are complete and manufactured, we then use our light measurement devices to validate the lighting results measuring the Lux / Cd/m2 and Colour.


This module is LED near light module, and the illumination  width can reach more than 10m, the near light 50V is 30Lx, and the unilateral width 10m position can be more than 2.5lx.

Design and technology

Design of light guide bar: A/B taillight, turn to light shape simulation diagramA B taillight turn to light shape simulation diagram.jpg

Thermal Analysis01.png
Thermal Analysis

Thickness Analysis.png
Thickness Analysis

Draft Analysis.png
Draft Analysis

Thermal Analysis02

Moldflow Analysis01
  Moldflow Analysis

Moldflow Analysis
Moldflow Analysis

Thermal Analysis                                              




        Test and verify equipment▼

TuffPlus Auto Lighting Co, Ltd.

TuffPlus Auto Lighting Co, Ltd.

LED Lights Bars | Auto Lights | LED Driving Lights | LED Work LightsLED Lights Bars | Auto Lights | LED Driving Lights | LED Work LightsSince TUFF PLUS establishment, it has been focusing on product development and quality control, with ten years of independent innovation and development and production experience.At present there are professional car optical r&d engineers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers and so on several dozens of professional r &d team. Now is committed to building OEM&ODM project, Dozens of cases have been successfully developed and put into production,including car headlights, fog lamps, engineering vehicle work light,led light bars for heavy truck...

  Welcome to send us sample,we can do OEM&ODM for you !We're your best choice!